Friday, November 7, 2008

What time is it?

a little over a week ago I took Banana into the Doctor for her reflux. It was a LONG day. I had talked to the nurse the day before, she is so sweet, she called me well past office hours because she was on her way out of town. She told us to head in to the office for walk in hours, which start at 1 pm. We had to drop MeeMaw off at the airport around noon, then I took the kids to Burger King to get our tummy's full, so we wouldn't be as cranky. SweetPea got a watch in kid's meal.

When we got to the office we found out the walk-in hours would start late because the Doctor had gone to early voting and was caught in a line. So things wouldn't start until 2 pm. So we waited. Unfortunately that cuts into nap time, yuck!

After a lot of crying and whining and waiting it was almost time to go. We just had to wait at the front for our referral for Banana's Barium study. The receptionist saw SweetPea's watch and complimented her on it. Then she asked her what time it was. SweetPea said "Time to go home!" Everyone in earshot started laughing.

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