Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knock, Knock

Bubba has learned how to tell a joke...kinda. To tell you the truth it is hard to understand just about everything he says. But since he got the tubes in his ears it seems to be improving. I guess there was a small binky set back, I think the surgery scared him pretty badly so he wouldn't let go of it for 2 weeks. Now his is afraid of it, I convinced him it is only for sleeping, so he runs in fear now when I offer it.

But he started to tell jokes. I am not sure he realizes it, but it made us laugh and we truly understood all he was saying.

Bubba: Knock, Knock
Luna: Who's there?
Bubba: (very proudly and excited) ME!

we all started laughing. Mainly because I wasn't expecting an answer. So getting one is where the humor lies.

Here is the best video of it I can get so far. It was like pulling teeth to get this much, I hope to get a better one soon.

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