Friday, March 21, 2008

Ants Hole

I was getting ready to give SweetPea a bath when she said, "Do I have ants?" and she starts to put her hand in her bum. I am trying to get her to stop putting her hand in her bum. But she keeps asking about the ants. Then she bends over and opens up her butt and asks about the ants, so I finally said... "there are no ants, where are the ants?" her response. "in my hole. My ants hole." I was laughing so hard. I have no idea where she got this. But Hubbs and I were crying and laughing so hard for so long. I finally composed myself and finished bathing her and got her a new pull up and told her there were no ants. There never will be ants, and not to talk about the ants in her pants anymore

Shannon - Oh my gosh I am crying about the ants hole. I think that is sooooo funny. Oh my goodness.

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