Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Booty

After my birthday we had a bit of cake left so SweetPea and I shared it. I was then going to throw out the rest. So SweetPea took the last little bits of dried out frosting to munch on and I tossed the rest away. A few minutes later she went to the kitchen and saw that the cake was gone.
SweetPea: Mom, did you eat my cake?
Luna: Mom and SweetPea ate the cake.
SweetPea: Mom you eat my cake. Your Booty is going to get big… My booty is going to get big

A few days later I had an appt to go to. So I packed up the kids and headed for the appt. We were waiting for our names to be called. SweetPea and Bubba were playing, not too wildly, but I wasn’t too worried because there was hardly anyone else there. We were in the front row about 8-10 ft from the front desk. SweetPea came and sat down beside me just as a large woman approached the desk to turn in some paperwork.
SweetPea: Why is that mommy giant?
Luna: All mommies are giant or tall compared to little kids. (She sometimes uses the word giant instead of tall)
SweetPea: Why is the Mommy’s Booty so giant?
I really did not know what to say at this point. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a pirate’s voice well enough to change the booty from a behind into treasure, nor did I think anyone else in the room would buy it. So I then made it my goal to make my kids the perfect kids. (I have found that ladies of the South have no problem talking very loudly about other people’s children with anyone around. We live in “spare the rod spoil the child-ville” So I knew all eyes were on us and everyone had to sit perfectly quiet with hands folded in laps from that point forward.) Luckily we were called back very shortly.

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