Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dora on the Phone

So yesterday I heard a story about SweetPea. She can be quite imaginative. This leads to a lot of funny discussions. But this one I didn't know about.

Apparently a few weeks ago SweetPea was in Sunday School and she reached into her pocket and took out a pretend Cell phone and announced that Dora was on the phone. She began to get up and walk out the door when her teacher ask if she could see the phone. Her teacher spoke with Dora on the phone to let her know that SweetPea was at church and could not talk on the phone right now, but SweetPea would call her back after church when she got home. SweetPea's teacher also let Dora know that no one else will be calling SweetPea because she is in church and they know that. Dora promised not to call anymore during church. SweetPea's teacher handed back the phone and had SweetPea put it back in her pocket. A few minutes later SweetPea started to reach for her "phone" again and said that it was ringing. SweetPea's teacher said it "it better not be Dora, She promised she wouldn't call during church anymore." SweetPea never answered the phone.

Kelly - I've heard a few hilarious stories about Micah from Primary teachers and presidency members, all of which are really only funny if he's not your kid!

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