Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Naming the baby

This is from awhile back, but I was just reminded of it.

One day I was making a list of possible names for the baby (I was pregnant with Banana, but we didn't know the gender yet.)

SweetPea: What are you doing?
Luna: Writing down possible names for the baby? What do you think we should name the baby?
SweetPea: (after a contemplative pause) Jesus Christ!
Luna: I'll write it down, but I don't think we can use it. What if we have a girl, what should her name be.
SweetPea: SweetPea!
Luna: I think both of those names are taken.

When I went in for my big ultrasound when I was pregnant with Banana we took the kids. SweetPea enjoyed watching it all. Right after the ultrasound we were taken to a room to see the doctor. We had to wait a bit. SweetPea decided to act out the ultrasound. First she practiced on me. Then she had me give her an ultrasound. My whole pregnancy SweetPea referred to my belly as my "baby tummy." At that appointment, after her "ultrasound" she announced she had a "Doggy Tummy"

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