Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elephants and Alligators

The other day we were at the doctor's office, again! The doctor asked SweetPea to name an animal that starts with the letter "A." SweetPea thought about it for a few seconds and said "Alephant." The doctor laughed and said "I'll take it...this time." Later as we were leaving he told SweetPea that Elephant usually starts with the letter "E."

Today I was working on some alphabet worksheets with SweetPea. As we were practicing writing the letter "a" I was talking to SweetPea about what sound the letter "A" makes.

Luna: Ah-ah-apple
SweetPea: Ah-ah-apple
Luna: (pointing to an alligator) what is this?
SweetPea: Ah-ah-crocodile


  1. Kiah is such a wonderful, funny kid ... and she's naturally funny. Her great-grandmother had a fast wit, too.

    As for Alephant ... her uncle Wylie would spell words the way the teacher pronounced them: rarely was the word "for" spelled F O R ... more commonly we'd see F E R