Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just a Lick

Tonight we were moving a few things around in our bedroom and we found a piece of green sidewalk chalk in the shape of an egg. It was probably put there some time ago when it was taken away from a child and "hidden." It is funny enough that we found a chalk Easter egg in our bedroom right before Easter, but SweetPea made it even funnier.

SweetPea was playing with the egg and Bubba was starting to complain because he wanted one too. So Hubbs decided to take it away. When Hubbs took it away he saw there was a wet spot. Then he looked at SweetPea and saw a green chalky mark on her chin and lower lip.

Hubbs: Did you bite the chalk?
SweetPea: No
Luna: (chuckling) We don't believe you.
SweetPea: It was just a lick!

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